Interview with Zach Parks

Question 1: Where are you from?

Answer: I grew up in a very small mill town in South Carolina known as Pacolet Mills. It's just outside of Spartanburg, SC which is where I live these days.”


Question 2: Does location matter?

Answer: Oh yeah. Location definitely matters. It has a big influence over the things that I shoot and how I shoot. I feel like photographers from certain areas all tend to have a similar style. It's like an accent. Of course, no one talks exactly the same, but you can generally tell where someone is from when speaking to them. We're all products of our environment to a certain extent. I grew up in a very small town full of abandonment and left behind after the cotton mills started to close all over the South. I feel like that has a heavy influence in the way I look at things.”

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Question 3: What are a few misconceptions that you encountered as a photographer?

Answer: That what we do isn't that difficult. I feel like smartphones have killed the magic of photography for everyone except the photographers.”

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Question 4: What are a few misconceptions that you encountered as a photographer?

Answer: Here lately, it's been 120 Portra. Medium format Portra is a truly beautiful thing. I've been mixing it up with my B&W and shooting some Tmax 400 too. I think it may be taking the place of Tri-X for me. When it comes to pushing film, I stick with HP5.” 

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Question 4: How has photography influenced your life?

Answer: It's only been 1 1/2 years since I really dove into photography, but the impact will last a lifetime. I find a certain sort of peace in the entire process of film photography. I've always had anxiety issues, and I used to drink copious amounts of booze to deal with them. I don't do that anymore. Photography puts me at ease in a way that nothing else ever really has. It's hard to explain, but I'm a much better person because of it.”

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Edited by Carl Pack.

Head Editor of Crosswalks Magazine.


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