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Receive the Interview with Andrew Wilkinson

“Healthy obsession and/or drive for personal purpose. Passion should feel uncontrollable at times.”

-Andrew Wilkinson


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“My passion is to create great work.”

-Cem Çelik

Receive the Interview with Valentin Folliet

“To be honest, I’m still learning a lot about techniques to this day. I’ve never really learned how to take pictures as I learned photography entirely..”

-Valentin Folliet

Recieve the Interview with Luca Mordente

“Do not forget the place, the moment, the light .. it has ever happened that a friend shows you a very old photo where you are, that you did not even remember you had taken it. Here is that feeling that you feel looking at that moment, I want to try after years reviewing my shots.”

-Luca Mordente

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“Thank you so very much for this feature. I am honored that you choose to interview me and to show my work.”

-Anne Silver
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